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Sam Wilson

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Zodiac: A Review (by the planets)

My high-concept thriller Zodiac is available on the Kindle today!

Technically that means that today is Zodiac’s birthday, so obviously I needed a birth chart to see what the heavens thought about the book.

Here’s what they said:

Sun in Virgo:
“Zodiac is an ingenious, sharp customer: Discerning, crafty and diplomatic.”

Moon in Taurus:
“Convinced of its ideas and strong-willed.”

Mercury in Virgo:
“It discusses, deduces and judges. It reasons logically and accurately. Weakness: It can be impulsive and manic.”

Mars in Sagittarius:
“It fights against an unfair principle, society or philosophy. Its strengths are: Reasoning, the ability to explain things, logic and debate.”

Uranus in Aries:
“Inventive, progressive and innovative.”

Pluto in Capricorn:
“Brings success.”

Sun in III:
“It is educated and has a solid grasp of facts. Socially successful, it wants to be known.”

Moon in I:
“Zodiac is very sensitive. It fantasizes.”

Mercury in IV:
“Cultivated and likes literature.”

Jupiter in IV:
“Zodiac likes and believes in justice. It is optimistic and generous. It knows how to entertain in style.”

House III in Leo:
“Everything is carefully studied, explained and swiftly executed.”

Conjunction Mercury – Jupiter:
“Intelligent, erudite and has big ideas. Tolerant, with a strong sense of justice.”

Trine Sun – Uranus:
“Above all, independent and original.”

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(Thank you to and their automatic chart maker)


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